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Epic, bucket list WTF ride.

So a bunch of us are attempting a C&O canal ride this Saturday which promises to be Epic. At least.

We’re starting in Cumberland, Maryland and winding our way along the C&O canal down to Washington DC. In a day.

About 180 miles total. Generally flat, but gravel path not paved. Looksee :

Think I’m ready, but have that nervousness which is inevitable when attempting something challenging that I’m not entirely confident about.

Should be really interesting, really hard, and hopefully do-able. More to come!

2014-06-13 13.09.41

2014-06-13 13.09.31

2014-06-13 06.58.12

2014-06-11 19.19.50

Year 2 of the Air Force Association Cycling Classic

Rode the Cycling Classic again this year – it’s timed, but not in a typical fashion. They open the course at 7am and you’re charged with doing as many laps as you can before 10:10am, where they call last lap and clear the course.

Last year I’d done it with a Garmin which I’d reset and not properly set up, so I was concerned about finishing the six laps in time. Turns out I did well, averaging 19.5 mph and getting my six laps in with forty minutes to spare. Could have done another one (time) if I had the energy (which I didn’t).

The course was different this year, and seemed a bit harder to me. Bit more climbing and while they eliminated a crazy 90 degree turn at the bottom of a hill, we had more climbing and lap times were about the same despite being shorter.

It’s a bit different for me to go >2:50 without stopping, so it’s certainly a bit of an endurance game! Do plan to keep doing it, even if it wipes me out for a bit.

Strava Results Here.

2014-06-08 11.23.45

2014-06-08 10.28.54

Last couple of months have looked like this….

As with anyone else in the East, Winter 2014 hasn’t been all that kind.   It’s been hard to get the miles in, even if they’re just base miles with no intended pace.

I’d picked up a fatbike (Surly Pugsley SpecOps) late last year, so that offered some relief.   I figured out how to dress for the teens or below, and managed to stick with it and avoid the trainer most of the time.

Posting this now so I can look back on it in a couple of months when I have warm commutes (6am) and snow is a distant memory.

near Hillsboro looking West, late January.  Was really keen on completing the Strava "Prove It" challenge.  (600K in January)
near Hillsboro looking West, late January. Was really keen on completing the Strava “Prove It” challenge. (600K in January)